Who is Sylvia Lowry?

Smart and Sexy…

Name: Sylvia Lowry

Occupation: Erotica Writer

Size: Petite

Hair color: Blonde

Pubic Hair color: Wispy Auburn

Favorite Sex Position: “The Amur Leopard”

Favorite Foreplay Move: Capricious stimulation of the frenulum and ridged band

Fun Fact: I scored a “hot” rating on ratemyprofessor.com.

What else?

I relish being a provocateur.  I am a seasoned writer, now delving into the world of erotica. I’m always asked if it’s easy. Nothing is easy, my dear: the act in life, the act on paper. But it gratifies of course. Gratifies like crazy. When a fan writes that she became sodden reading one of my dirty tales, I share in her carnal satisfaction.

I draw upon my own experiences, my own thoughts, my travels. I’ve never been a passive observer of life. I am an explorer on the page and off the page; I like to imagine that my daring in ink is matched by audacity in the sheets. My investigations transmute enigmatically into fiction, but I also enjoy the revelatory thrill of direct reportage. You can read my naughty thoughts (Unbridled Reflections) and global field reports (Sexual Travelogues). Nothing is forbidden.

I like truth, both poetic and literal. I prefer elegance and explicitness. I like atmosphere and sensation; If it’s dirty it’s done right.

My Motto: Live in the head and in the loins.

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