The Ultimate Jill-Off: Marina Abramović Rules

Marina Abramović: Onaniste

Marina Abramović: Onaniste

I have the utmost respect for the Serbian-born performance artist Marina Abramović, who is always deliciously provocative, committed to breaking down barriers between performer and audience. That demolition of the fourth wall often requires her to retreat into a state of psychic vulnerability. It also frequently demands that she get physically naked as well. This is a welcome thing, since it allows the world a glimpse of her stunning rack, proof that the Divine smiles upon the Balkans. But the piece that intrigues me the most is where she is heard but not seen.

On November 10, 2005, at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, Marina performed “Seedbed,” Vito Acconci’s 1972 performance piece in which the she jilled-off under a stage at the for seven hours, completely out of sight, talking dirty on mic. The public was allowed to climb onto the stage to listen to her actions (including a well-deserved potty pit-stop) and words (an avalanche of feral dirty talk). As this marathon of onanism came to a close, a dramatic wail echoed through the rotunda and Abramović announced triumphantly, “Nine orgasms! That’s it. I can’t masturbate any more.”

Fair enough!

Supposedly, Marina was armed with a stack of dirty magazines to aid the process, but claims she didn’t use them. I once jilled off to the Clive Owen Three Olives (“The London Vodka”) advert, and I personally would have welcomed a stack of Playgirls to oil my mental gears. I think Marina doth protest a little too much in the name of aesthetic purity; there’s nothing shameful in girl-whacking to printed beefcake, and I’ll wager that she did it.

I imagine that a thousand “flowers” could be caressed into full bloom from this performance. As a “piece,” another artist could theoretically perform “Seedbed,” just as a pianist can use a composer’s sheet music for his or her own personal recital.

I’d love to try it. Bring me the following: 1) one microphone, 2) one amp
, 3) one glossy, post-modern circular stage
, 4) Smut.

My dirty mind and fingers will do the rest.



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