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I often inspire impure thoughts...yum...

I often inspire impure thoughts…yum…

First, let me mention: Get my new X-rated novella “April in Paris: The Erotic Travels of April Jones”!!

[throat clears…]

I publish explicit literary erotica and essays. My goal is to give you, the dear reader, intelligent smut and a ravenous tingling in the loins. Only you know whether I’ve succeeded…

I’ve been in print and online. Hopefully, some one is reading them somewhere…with one hand…

Some projects are in the early, tentative stages of development, that tender uncertain dance that might lead to a furious backseat rut. Others are out in the world, wreaking havoc and arousing the reptile core of someone’s brain.

April in Paris: Smart Smut

Paris Sizzles!

My long-awaited XXX novella is here!

France of 1959 is a freewheeling destination for travelers seeking sexual liberation. American columnist April Jones journeys to Paris with the manuscript of an erotic novel, hoping to escape her Midwestern American small town. But she has another writing project: an expanding compendium of her sexual experiences abroad. From the elegance of St. Germain to the bohemian alleys of Montmartre, April enjoys the carnal menu of the City of Lights, rapidly gaining lovers and enemies. But when her manuscript is stolen and seduction becomes war, can April realize her untamed fantasies as an artist and in the bedroom?


Civil War Smut!!

My first historical erotica tale, “Revenge of the Dixie Devil,” appear in Xcite Books’ “Past Pleasures Anthology” and as the marquee story in a separate eBook.

The American Civil War, 1865. As Sherman’s northern army rolls across the embattled south, an elusive Confederate spy and raider known as the ‘Dixie Devil’ has plagued the Yankee invasion. In search of the notorious secret agent, a Union officer approaches an isolated manor house on the outskirts of Atlanta, where he meets a headstrong, independent southern belle who may have some knowledge of the mysterious criminal. She is willing to reveal her secrets…at a tantalizingly erotic price.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité, sexualité!!

My sexpatriate tale, “The Liberation of Paris” appears in the Xcite Books anthology Foreign AffairsAspiring writer Amelia writer moves to Paris, where she is immediately cursed by writer’s block; the harsh realities of the city of lights seem far from her cherished dreams of literary success and erotic release. Can she revive her literary ambitions and live out her wildest fantasies in the randy French capital?

Get It!

Rrrrrright there!

My smut-tastic tale “Etiquette” appears in “Going Down: Oral Sex Stories,” edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. An upright expert in culinary etiquette experiences some new insight into the meaning of manners: Always remember that the hostess must be served…

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Melt your freaking Kindle!!

“The Deepest Dig” is now in a sex-clusive Xcite mini-eBook edition called “Tropical Paradise.” Also included are frick-tales from fellow warriors Sommer Marsden, Velvet Tripp and Honey Leigh!

Conveniently hold the kindle in one hand and employ the other as you’d like!

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Sex among the Ruins!

Look for my smutty tale “The Deepest Dig” in Xcite Press’ collection “Sex at Work: An Xcite Collection of Inappropriate Behavior on the Job.”

Here’s the scoop: Hard-working but introverted archaeologist Anne discovers an erotic fresco on a desert expedition. Yet her professional dedication is equaled only by her increasing infatuation for Clive, an equally introspective colleague. As her obsession with the sexually explicit artifact grows, so does her determination to ravage her elusive colleague. Can she overcome her inhibitions and triumph in both work and in play?

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Cock Rock

“Spunk,” my girl-rocker, 70s-period piece f**k yarn is gonna be in Gotta Have It: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex, edited by best-freaking-editor-in-the-world Rachel Kramer Bussel, on the admirable Cleis Press in February 2011. It is available for order on Lots of references to punk rock, dripping wet torrid steaming hot fricking sex, and one rocker chick’s desire to screw an anonymous consort while he wears his Bob Seger ringer jersey. Hell, it was the 70s, after all.

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Getting Orgasmic

“Old Faithful” is in the Cleis Press anthology “Orgasmic,” edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. It’s an honor, grrrl!

A lonely housewife…a vacuum-cleaner salesman…a hot summer day…

All conspire to collide in a tale of shameless, explicit, retro-rutting.

Now available!

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Sex on the Beach

The summer is over, but we can all lie back, warmed by naughty languid daydreams of that one indelible, ferocious vacation f**k…Who freaking cares if you get sand in your thong?

My short story “Sand, Surf and Sex” is now on The Erotic Woman.

Grab your tanning oil and loosen your Id…

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I am a Scarlet Woman, or My Contributions to Cliterature

My panty-soaking tale “Nameless in Paris” is the featured “Cliterature Fave” in the Cliterature section of the February 2010 issue of Scarlet Magazine, on stands in the UK and available as a digital issue at

A naughty, explicit little tale it is: A London businesswoman hooks up with an anonymous French consort to relieve the stress of the rat race, greedily imbibing her companion’s crème brûlée and vigorously riding his Tour Eiffel. All in the name of spirited erotic emancipation, naturellement

In their own words, Scarlet wants stories that “women can masturbate to.” Put the theory to the test: Grab a copy, grrls, and get down to a one-handed read!

Slouching Towards an Orgasm…

“My ‘O’ Face: Capturing An Orgasm on Film”, a historical/confessional essay on filming the climactic instant, including my own, is featured at Black Heart Magazine:

“I started the camera, and then slathered my fingers with Babelube (TM), shamelessly relishing the moment, attempting to ignore the electronic voyeur above me. I decided to avoid theatrical effect and be true to standard routine, beginning with some protracted full-handed strokes, imagining the delicious frottage of a lower male torso against my pudenda…”

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Very, Very Indecent Proposals

The Invitation has been published by  The Erotic Woman.

“Before I hung up the phone I whispered, “I expect a rollicking performance when you f*** my husband, dear.” My voice trembled slightly, hiding the theatricality of my performance. Yet I had undeniably aroused myself; I could feel a delicate invasion of moisture in my panties and I lowered the phone to briefly play with my c***, summoning the delicious image of the act to come.”

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Analysis is featured in Black Heart Magazine, a smart and entirely praiseworthy journal out of Montreal.

A randy professor…reflections on Keats’ poetics…a literary study that degenerates into a biological survey:

“I sipped my Scotch, imagining that I had grown capricious with age. Or perhaps my thoughts had become more liberated than my will; I remember a shiver of hesitation embarking on the experiment…

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Into You Like a Train…

Night Train” is online at Clean Sheets Erotica Journal.

A lonely jazz singer…a chance encounter…an athletic screw described in exquisite detail…

Check it out. Ride along:

She felt a moment of comfort and solidarity, as fleeting as the whistle that now rebounded off the surrounding hills, a brief rapture reverberating into twilight. She kissed him on the lips, first a light whisper that appeared suspended in time, then accelerating into more fevered movement; he kissed her neck in return, progressing from a gentle peck to an desperate lick, gently biting her earlobes before returning to her throat, mouth descending as he unbuttoned her blouse.”

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