Traveler, Artist, Sex Writer, Explorer, Libertine…

First, let me mention: Get my new X-rated novella “April in Paris: The Erotic Travels of April Jones”!!

That shameless plug aside…

I am a novelist, essayist and writer of erotica based in Minneapolis.  I write about sex with an enthusiastic fusion of elegance and unbridled explicitness. I freaking love what I do.

I invite all to indulge in my latest dirty fiction publications, my unbridled reflections, and my bittersweet but true and torrid sexual travelogues.

These sections will evolve, as words as formed, filthy thoughts arrive, and ecstatic memories come to light.

Oh yeah…read my new tribute to Marina Abramović and my account of the Ultimate Jill-Off.


House of Erotica in the UK has published my nasty novella “April in Paris,” a dirty tale of 1959 France! Go get it!

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